Medicare Supplement Plan G 2018

The Medicare supplement plan that more people are signing up for than any other these days is Plan G, and we are going to look at why Medicare Supplement Plan G for 2018 may be the best choice for you.

Coverage from Plan G

If you go with this plan, you will receive lots of coverage for your medical expenses. It covers a lot of the most common expenses for you, making it ideal for people who must go to the hospital frequently or who need constant treatment for their health conditions.

The basic supplemental coverage is all here- like the Medicare Part A deductible, the Part A copayment or coinsurance and the Part B copayment. There is also coverage for nursing care’s copayment, if you need that kind of coverage. With Plan G, you also get covered for as much as 80% of your foreign travel exchange costs, once you pay the required deductible. That coverage is only up to a lifetime total of $50,000, but that’s still substantial.

Medicare Supplement Plan G 2018Further coverage from Plan G includes many of your hospital expenses being taken care of for 365 days beyond what you get with the standard Medicare plan. You can even be covered for Medicare Part B’s excess charges, which may be a minor expense, but if it is repeated throughout the year, it can add up. Finally, Plan G covers you for some extra blood every year. That’s three extra pints of blood annually, to be exact, and that’s on top of what you get for the standard Medicare Plan.

You do need to have the standard Medicare coverage to qualify for Medicare Supplement Plan G. You also cannot be signed up for any other supplement plan or an Advantage plan. That’s because having any of these plans will mean that your coverage will overlap, and Medicare won’t allow you to keep two concurrent, overlapping plans going at once.

Comparing to Other Plans

Plan G is not the only Medicare supplement plan. There are nine others, plus variations on some of them. You have lots of choices when it comes to supplementary coverage, and you want to make sure that you choose the best one for your situation. To do that, you need to look at your choices and compare their coverage against one another.

Plan G comes with lots of coverage, but it may be too much for you or even not enough. That’s why you want to look at the other options and see how they stack up. The best coverage plan for you is the one that covers all the essential, most expensive and most repeated medical expenses. But it also covers you for a bit extra, providing you some breathing room and protecting your from unexpected medical expenses. You may not need all the coverage you get from Medicare Supplement Plan G 2018 right now, but it could come useful in the near future. It’s a good idea to plan and try to cover your expenses you aren’t paying now but may be shortly.

Of course, your doctor can tell you what you may expect from your health and what kind of expenses you may have to pay for soon. Your doctor will be making an educated guess, but it is better than just trying to figure out on your own what you need to be prepared for.

To determine if this is the best plan for you, you should be looking at your own coverage needs. See how the coverage you get from Plan G compares to what you need. If your needs change, you may need to change your plan as well. While Plan G may be a great choice for you right now, in a few years, you may be better off with a different plan that covers you better. Be sure to keep checking the plans and what they cover and comparing them to your changing needs.


Finding the Best Price

You can get some great deals on Plan G. You don’t have to pay the first price you see from the first insurance company that offers you the plan. There are lots of different companies offering Plan G and other supplemental plans, and you can save money by choosing the most economical one.

You may have concerns that picking one insurance company over another is going to change the coverage you get with Plan G, but that’s not the case. The coverage stays the same, no matter who you decide to purchase the plan from, and that’s important to keep in mind as you look at the different insurance providers and compare their quotes.

Comparing quotes is the key to cutting your costs. You cannot expect to save money on a Medicare supplement plan if you don’t source a few quotes and try to find the cheapest one. How much you pay for the plan won’t affect the coverage you get in any way. The insurance providers cannot alter the coverage at all, so you can focus in getting he lowest price and not worry about what your coverage will be like.

What we showed you earlier, as far as coverage is concerned, is what you always get from plan G. The only way that coverage is going to change is if Medicare changes it on its own. Medicare will let you know when any changes are incoming, though, so you should know ahead of time what to expect and be ready for them.

Plan G can be an excellent plan to cover your medical expenses but it isn’t right for everyone. You may find that you need a different plan, and that is just fine. Just because it is a popular plan does not mean that Medicare Supplement Plan G 2018 is right for you. There are other choices out there, and you can find one that fits you well, if you take the time to examine the coverage being offered and the different prices you can get from various insurance companies.


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