Medicare Supplement Plan F 2018

The best Medigap plan is Plan F, many people will tell you. It has all the bells and whistles and covers everything, so that must make it the best overall plan. But they aren’t considering how different plans are right for different people. Medicare Supplement Plan F 2018 may be the perfect plan for several people, but for many others, it is a bad deal.

What Plan F Comes With 100% Coverage

Medicare Supplement Plan F 2018Each of the Medicare supplement plans comes with its own set of coverage. The coverage doesn’t change from one insurance company to the next. They all must abide by Medicare’s rules for coverage, and they all must offer the same coverage no matter how much they charge for the plan. So, Plan F stays the same regardless of where you are buying it from or how much you are paying for it.

Yom can buy with confidence from Humans or Aetna or some other insurance company, knowing that you are going to get the same coverage as you get elsewhere. The only difference is the level of customer service you get and the pricing, really.

So, let’s look then at what Plan F must offer. It is a full-coverage plan, and it is obviously the only full-overage plan available. Other plans come close in offering nearly the same amount of coverage but nothing quite matches. It’s wouldn’t make sense to have two plans that do the same thing anyway. Plan F stands above the other Medigap plans in total coverage, and that means it usually costs more. We’ll talk more about pricing later, but let’s focus on what it covers.



To say that it covers everything that is considered supplemental is only going to help people who already know what those supplemental expenses are. For everyone else it will be helpful to do a review of what expenses are listed as supplemental.

Supplemental expenses, all covered by Plan F, include Medicare parts A and B coinsurance, parts A and B deductibles, Part B excess charges, hospital expenses beyond Medicare’s basic coverage, nursing care coinsurance, three pints of blood each year and foreign travel exchange (which covers some foreign travel costs for emergency medical care, after a deductible).

These will all be covered no matter where you buy Plan F from, but these may not be all your medical expenses, you may have to pay other medical costs, but most of them should be covered by this plan. That’s what makes Medicare Supplement Plan F in 2018 so attractive to so many people. They can just relax about what they need to pay and know that most medical care will be covered by the supplemental plan.

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Is Plan F Right for You?

We said earlier that Plan F may not be the best choice for you. After all, there are other Medicare supplement plans out there. Perhaps one of them will be a better choice than Medicare Supplement Plan F 2018.

Deciding which of the plans that is available is best for your situation requires that you first examine your medical situation. Determine what medical care you need to have provided for you and how much it costs. Determine if you can easily pay those costs on your own or if you struggle to pay your medical bills on time. Then consider how that will change if you add medical insurance coverage to the mix. How much coverage do you need? Will you be covered for all the things you pay for regularly, if you sign up for a Medicare supplement plan?

Once you have worked out all that and determined where you stand on medical care and paying for it, then you can look at Plan F. You need to figure out if that plan is right for you. Many people can tell right from the start how well that plan is going to fit them. Plan F is meant for people who have a lot of medical care needs and lots of medical expenses to pay. As a full coverage plan, Plan F provides the best possible coverage for supplemental plans. You cannot get any greater coverage than what this plan offers from a Medigap plan, so you know that it is designed for people at the far end of the medical needs spectrum.

If you only have a few small medical problems and only occasionally go to the hospital for treatment, you don’t need Plan F. It’s a waste of money for you and you are better off paying for the expense on your own or getting a lower-coverage plan.

While you may think that you need Plan F, you might not realize that there are other similar plans that offer slightly different coverage for a lower price. Every plan is priced lower than Plan F, due to them offering less coverage. That should be a given, so take that into consideration when you are trying to determine if you really need Plan F or not.

While you may benefit from most of what Plan F must offer, do you really need everything it has? You may be better off with a plan that’s similar but offers slightly less coverage and a much lower price tag. Plan G or Plan N, for example, offer very similar coverage to Plan, but they cost a lot less. It may be worth considering one of these plans instead and trying to get the east deal you can on medical insurance.

Medicare Supplement Plan F for 2018 is a robust plan, and nothing else can quite match it for coverage, but nothing else is as expensive either. Take some time to compare how it stacks up to the other Medicare supplement plans, then compare Plan F from one insurance company to another to find the best price. Remember that the price can change, but the coverage does not, so finding a good deal on the plan is only to your advantage.


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